Building a Family of Faith
Faith in our family begins with trusting our Heavenly Father and His promises. We press forward despite challenges, never giving up on ourselves or our children. We teach our family to have faith in Christ by living what we know to be true. Our children learn their most powerful lessons from our faithfulness.

Monday, June 29, 2015

What Was I Thinking?!

Truly, I must have not been in my right mind when I decided to drive a U-haul, towing a car, in a (barely) three person cab, AND a dog 1,478 miles in just two days. I should be committed! And who's to say I wont wake up in the morning needing a padded room? But I did it!
 I actually did it!!!
Sitting in the hotel room at our final destination it's easy to look back and think, that was no big deal. But I know the truth. That was HARD! It was long, and often mind numbing. It cost a small fortune, and  sometimes I thought it would never end. The second day was so hard to get in the truck. Even the dog resisted with all her tiny might. 
But some amazing things happened. First, for two whole days no one watched any television. Yes they watched one Disney movie on the way but I don't really count that. Second, no one fought! NO ONE!!! It's like my kids were possessed by kindness. We sat shoulder to shoulder and not once was there a cross word. We had the best conversations, sang along to songs, and actually enjoyed each other's company. 
I am truly blessed. I'm sure the old grumpy kids will resurface but for the most miserable trip of my life, it was truly the best time of my life!
PS. My kids just got back from getting dinner and they snuck off to see the Temple! Could I ask for more?! I think not!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Acts Of Compassion and Love

Today I pack up almost 44 years of my life into a truck. Most of those years were spent here in Evansville. This is where I was born and raised. This is where I raised my children. 
I think about all the things that happened here and I am filled with love. My heart is filled with family, friends, memories, laughter and tears. Most of my kids firsts happened here. First days of school, first time riding a two wheeled bike, first loves and first heart breaks, first time driving a car... It all happened here. Baptisms, confirmations, blessings, growing testimonies, faith, seminary graduation, and mission calls were all part of living a life with the Savior as a close friend and guest in our home. 
We had such an amazing ward family, leaving them is one of the hardest things to do. I know that anyone that moves here will find themselves surrounded with love and support so great they will have no fears. Evansville is truly a blessed place. 
 While I am excited to go back to Utah to live my next 44 years, I will truly miss the friends and place I called home for so long. It doesn't seem real. It feels like I'm watching someone else's life. When I needed a few more hands to help us get the truck loaded in time, here came the Kennedy's. And in just a few short moments it was all done. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the helping hands that surrounded me over the last few days. It literally brings tears to my eyes. 
I may never be able to "pay them back" but I will surely "pay it forward" acts of compassion and love should create more acts of compassion and love. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015


What a wild ride the last two weeks have been. Now that the business is closed and I am home, I can sit and reflect on my life and what I have learned from this seven year long job.
I think one of the most important lessons I have learned is compassion. I have learned as an employer and employee, that we should always treat others with compassion. Being a "hard" person doesn't make you strong and compassion doesn't make you weak. Everyone has their own burdens they carry and I try to remember that when someone isn't feeling their best. 
Another thing I have learned is how important honesty and trust is between fellow employees and between customers and vendors. If you give honesty and trust, you usually get it back tenfold. I would never want to be at the opposite end of that. 
I have learned that I can do hard things. Yes, I usually worked at a desk behind a computer. But I also was able to get dirty and work in the plant when I needed to. I value the times I worked and sweated with the rest of the employees. I don't want to loose sight of the blessings in my life and my work life. 
While there are many more things I have learned I will end with this last one, no matter what is said, no matter what is done, no matter the situation, you are always in control of your actions and reactions. Everything we do is a choice. I want to always choose to never give others the power to change who I am. I want to be true to me and not let outside influences control me. 
There are always lessons to be learned. I choose to learn as much as I can and apply it as I move into this new chapter of my life. 
I am truly blessed

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Even a Marshmallow Can Help

Let me explain. For one of her birthdays, my daughter received a foam mattress pad from her grandparents. Not just any foam mattress pad but this thing is just about 5" thick and all Heaven.  It has been lovingly dubbed "The Marshmallow". I have to give credit to my daughter, when she knew this trip, and all this mess was getting to me, she offered her greatest treasure. The only down side is that I keep trying to find ways to guilt her into letting me use it. So far, if it isn't real, she's not falling for it. Darn. But I will say, the sweet little sacrifice she made in my behalf was greatly appreciated while it lasted. Now I am well rested and ready to tackle my next task. Well... maybe Monday seeing as today is almost done and tomorrow is Sunday.
Counting my blessings until then. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Therapeutic Blogging

It has come to my attention that I have been ignoring myself in the process of shutting down the company, getting ready to move, and life. That's no way to live and certainly no way to survive the upcoming weeks. So here I am, clicking away and contemplating lessons I have learned recently. I think the biggest one is that I emotionally take on all the responsibility for everyone and everything around me and I need to stop that now. I need to delegate. So, to my adult children be ready to bear the burden.
But more importantly I need to turn to the Lord more often. I need to offer up my concerns and worries to Him. I need to share with Him, the bad AND the good. And there is much good. 
Prayer brings peace. And these next few weeks I'm going to need all the peace I can muster!