Building a Family of Faith
Faith in our family begins with trusting our Heavenly Father and His promises. We press forward despite challenges, never giving up on ourselves or our children. We teach our family to have faith in Christ by living what we know to be true. Our children learn their most powerful lessons from our faithfulness.

Friday, September 26, 2008


A Few years ago, we took a trip to Navoo with my parents. This was a special time for everyone.

We spent some time at Carthage Jail. It was great to see Jon and Em learn more about the Prophets life and death.

They are very glad that we have so many things today like running water. They both decided they wouldn't like running to get water.

There were many great memorials. These were two I like best.

They got to visit a real working blacksmith shop. Because there were very few children there that day, Jon and Em were able to participate on many activities like rope making.

I think these are the funniest pictures. They were trying so hard to smile and not look like the "smell" bothered them... I don't think they were able to hide it, do you?