Building a Family of Faith
Faith in our family begins with trusting our Heavenly Father and His promises. We press forward despite challenges, never giving up on ourselves or our children. We teach our family to have faith in Christ by living what we know to be true. Our children learn their most powerful lessons from our faithfulness.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Starting Over

I have been very lazy about posting. But in my defense I had been posting on Jon's Mission Blog for two years. Now that he has returned It is time to get back to life and start blogging. I am going to remain very family centered with this blog and include some of my own personal thoughts, but from time to time there might be a recipe and posts about some favorite products occasionally with a shout to Influnester and the free products I get to test. All that being said I will sign out for now while I decide what in my crazy life I want to share.