Building a Family of Faith
Faith in our family begins with trusting our Heavenly Father and His promises. We press forward despite challenges, never giving up on ourselves or our children. We teach our family to have faith in Christ by living what we know to be true. Our children learn their most powerful lessons from our faithfulness.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Settling In

Living among boxes. I should be more motivated. We finally got an air conditioner. In this heat I'm surprised there wasn't one in the first place. But then we moved into a place who's previous tenant smoked both cigarettes and pot (that's why he was kicked out) and the place has been treated for cockroaches and is over run with spiders!  They said they had the carpets shampooed but I don't believe it. They should have replaced the carpet and repainted. The hotter the place gets the more it smells like cigarettes and pot. I swear we are getting a contact high! Joy!
We went to a pancake breakfast at church on the 4th. It was great to have people welcome us so quickly. I liked church on Sunday but one day was all it took for the kids to decide to go to the singles ward! Lol! 
Later in the week we went to South Jordan. We saw the temple and went to the Village Baker and got lunch to eat in the park. The house we used to live in is gone but it was nice to see my old neighborhood. 
The next Sunday we went to church then visited the Bang's when they had invited us over for dinner. It was like having a hug from family. One I was really needing. 
4th of July pancake breakfast at church